Kota Kinabalu, Sunday, 28 May 2017: Kaamatan is a Cultural Event of the KDM Community. It is an event of great significance to the Orang Asal who understands and respect nature as part of their traditional life.

They understand the forces of nature that affects their lives – light, earth, water, air, the energy of the Sun and the continuity of life beyond the material life.

They understand the interdependence of these forces of nature with their own lives.

They understand the spiritual presence in all living things. To them God is Nature. Thus, the thanksgiving of the Bambarayon and the sacrifice as well as the portrayal of Huminodun at the centre of the Kaamatan celebration.

Though Kaamatan is basically a celebration, it brings with it a constant reminder of hardwork, sacrifices, togetherness and most important of all is the respect for Nature and the connectedness to a greater life force beyond ourselves.

This is how Kaamatan should be celebrated.
(a)    Adat and Tradition First;
(b)    Respect for Nature and Karma;
(c)     Thanksgiving and Prayers;
(d)    Celebration – eat, drink, dance and interact.


Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan

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