Kota Kinabalu: “It paints a grim picture to see PBS leaders spinning tales of their history and falling heads over heels trying to shore up support with their events and dinners now that PRU-14 is round the corner” said Jeffrey Kumin, Information Chief of Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku, responding to news reports of PBS leaders harping the party’s original struggles for Sabah rights.

The PBS of today is no longer the PBS of 1985. It is now weak and powerless and subservient to Umno. Its voice is muted and has lost the appetite to fight for Sabah rights any more with many of its leaders in comfort zones.

They are unable to act to stop the wanton and unwarranted takeover of native customary lands and the destruction of native houses and their crops and livelihood. They have also lost their focus on the mixed natives as well as the Chinese and other communities. Having dinners because the election is coming will not bring back their support.

Despite the findings of the RCI released in December 2014 that there were ICs and citizenships given to foreigners not in accordance with the law and the entry of ineligible foreigners in the electoral rolls, PBS has shown little in overcoming the illegal immigrants problem in Sabah despite having headed the RCI Technical Committee. Their inability is tantamount to condoning the evil change of Sabah’s demography by their Malayan political masters.

The party has not done anything to show in helping restore Sabah as an equal and autonomous partner in Malaysia. It has also done nothing to stem and stop the Malayanization and Melayunization of Sabah or the turning of Malaysia, which Sabah helped form on the basis of freedom of religion, from a secular State into an Islamic nation.

It was not surprising in PRU-13, PBS lost 7 of its 14 State seats. It would have lost several more including those seats now held by the President and Deputy President, if not for a fragmented opposition.

Despite the brave front put up by the leaders and events, it is abundantly clear that PBS can no longer fight for Sabah and Sabah rights. It has now descended and morphed into a paper tiger, toothless and powerless. It is now subservient to Umno and unable to act on its own.

Can PBS still be able to truly fight for Sabah rights and autonomy? 
Can PBS stand up for the natives, native rights and their customary lands?
Can PBS fight to take back Sabah’s oil and gas resources and the return of the 40% and other revenues?

The answers are obviously no and the party is now further weakened with the retirement of its paramount leader, Tan Sri Pairin. Without Pairin leading the charge, only time will tell how many more seats will PBS lose in PRU-14.

The party leaders know that the root of problem is Umno in Sabah. Perhaps, to regain their fight for Sabah rights, they should consider leaving BN together with the other components and join forces with the growing opposition to oust Umno from Sabah, as a first step to restore its dignity and help chart the destiny and future of Sabah.

Jeffrey Kumin
Ketua Penerangan 
Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku (STAR)

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