Today's mind twister..

Ya, feel the GE14 heat. Everybody stated fighting for the good of Sabahan & Sabah. Some have been holding copies of Malaysia Agreement 1963. Some started at the RACE & RELIGION issue to carve out their supporters.

So today, I ask voters in Sabah, what are you fighting for? Is it promises from politicians? Is it Solution and Path towards a free Autonomus Sabah ending the colonial treatment from Malaya. Or is it true independence as prescribed by the United Nations?

If you do not have any idea, you are just blindly following the politicians promise of wealth, which belongs to you in the first place, taken away by the colonial power, Malaya. Those politicians are just Malaya puppets keeping you slaves for more than 50 years.

If you need promises to get by, there are plenty historically, Keningau Oath Stones, 20 points, Malaysia Agreement, IGC report, Malaysia Economic Plans, etc. You name it, they have it.

So why are you so poor now and still begging for your next meal?

Don't make me laugh now..


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