Saturday, 27 May 2017

Kota Kinabalu: “The sheer arrogance and shallow quality of the response by the Secretary General of PBS, if reflective of the type of leadership, certainly does not augur well for the prospects of the party in PRU-14” said Guandee Kohoi, Secretary General of Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku, in reply to the emotionally charged and angry response to criticisms against PBS.

Well, as the saying goes, the truth hurts and he must be feeling the hurt caused by the truth of STAR’s earlier statement and criticisms raised against PBS.   

The response also clearly shows that the PBS Secretary General does not understand the workings of a coalition government which PBS is supposed to be part of.   He thinks that PBS is a mere component and does not play any part as the ruling government of the day.  

He further thinks that PBS has no power because as he said “Executive power is in the hands of the Chief Minister and BN administration, not PBS. Then there is the Federal Executive Authority which is in the hands of the Prime Minister”.   If such is the case, then all the component Ministers and Assistant/Deputy Ministers, particularly from PBS, are receiving “gaji buta” every month while enjoying the perks of the positions.

Perhaps, it is due to this lack of understanding that PBS is now rendered weak, powerless and subservient to Umno and dictated by Umno leaders, particularly the Chief Minister and the Prime Minister.   

It only confirms that PBS is not a coalition partner but only inside BN for the positions and crumbs thrown at them, and therefore, unable to fight for Sabah rights and autonomy.

What is more laughable is the accusation that STAR boasts of contesting all 73 State seats and predicting 99% would lose their deposits?   Not only has STAR never said that, the accusation truly shows that PBS does not understand of being part of a coalition, of which STAR is a member of the GABUNGAN SABAH coalition, who will decide on the allocation of seats.   And it will be the people and voters who will decide in PRU-14.

STAR believes in true partnership in a coalition and practices consultation with its other partners in Gabungan Sabah.   At the same time, STAR will not be like PBS, dictated by Umno and remaining subservient and irrelevant in a coalition or ruling government.

The PBS response will only add further reasons why PBS with its arrogant and lack-lustre leaders should be rejected in PRU-14.   Its other leaders and supporters are leaving the party in droves and the PBS Secretary General should and ought to know that a very substantial segment of PBS leaders and members want the party to leave BN before PRU-14.

He should also not look down on STAR’s leaders including its Information Chief as political novices and inexperienced or hiding behind others.  It will serve him well to note that Donald Trump, a political novice without any experience in government, won and became the President of the United States.

If not for Dr. Jeffrey, there would have been any movement for the restoration of the autonomy and Sabah rights including the Federal and State Cabinet committees on the 40% net revenue which Sabah is constitutionally entitled and which PBS has failed to act despite repeated calls in the State Assembly by him.  If not for Dr. Jeffrey, the ever growing support for Sabah rights would not be in existence today despite PBS' alleged fight for Sabah rights which would have died a natural death if left to the voiceless and powerless PBS. 

STAR will leave to the people to decide its fate in PRU-14 and the future of Sabah.  But judging from the growing groundswell and support for STAR and Gabungan Sabah, and dwindling support for PBS and other BN components, STAR is conservatively confident that it will do much better than PBS.   It will not be unexpected that BN will not be the next government of Sabah and Sabahans will choose to elect a new government that will take charge, not subservient to Umno and Malaya, and chart a new course and a better future for all Sabahans. 

Guandee Kohoi
Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku

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