Is toppling BN the solution to a better Sabah for Sabahans? It is only the first step. Does Warisan have the remaining steps to see a better future. I would not think so because they have no idea where they are heading to themself. Did they ever lay out their plans for a better Sabah? All their talks were saying they are the best and putting down everybody else. If they have the ability to change Sabah, they would have done so while their top guns are in government and opposition just few months back.

Their desperation shows now by asking people to support a bunch of rejects. Their staged roadshow did not attract any new talent.

How can DSSA say he's fighting for MA63 where he himself does not know what's in it. The 4 constitution in the MA64 is the British way of saying political Autonomy for each federation members. Now he say he wanted a joint venture with PCS, DAP & PKR as their sabah political front. A direct invitation for political intererence from Malaya.

Ubah Sabah, that is to a worse state, not better. So who destroy the best chance?

*This public view is a respond towards Shafie's statement*

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